Many of our friends will probably know all this, but if you haven’t heard about us, here is some background about us and our blog.

We are Tony Wildman and Robert Gibbs. We have been life partners for over 30 years, and having reached the happy stage of our lives where we have sufficient financial resources not to have to work, we decided that we would undertake what we laughingly refer to as our “Baby Boomer Gap Year” – in our case, a year living in Italy, a country for which we both have an affinity, and which we have long wanted to spend time exploring. And so here we are.

Our blog serves two purposes – one, to help keep those of our friends who are not regular users of Facebook or other social media up to date with our doings, and two, to create a live place where we can capture our thoughts and experiences for our own future use, and perhaps also for the pleasure, education and probably bemusement of others!