Welcome from Two Gents

If you are reading this it is probably because you are a friend or acquaintance of ours and you have some mild level of curiosity about our doings here in Italy. You may or may not have been following our progress on the ever ubiquitous Facebook (or as a friend of ours calls it, FaceStalker), and if you have some of our first few blog entries will probably be something of a repeat, but hopefully with a bit of added extra zing!

If you don’t know who we are, have a look at our About page.

Writing a blog is something of an experiment for me, so expect to see a few changes and updates as I get used to the medium and discover what it can do. My aim is to communicate something of our experiences over this year-long sojourn, hopefully entertain and perhaps inform those who are reading this. Feedback will be appreciated!

Oh, and in case you haven’t guessed, when I say “I”, I mean Tony, and you can safely assume for the most part that when you see that personal pronoun that it is me who is talking; if His Excellency the Other Half should choose to weigh in from time to time, I’ll remind him to make sure that it is clear who is talking. Wouldn’t want to have people confused about who is saying what …

Lastly, if you want to follow the blog without having to remember to look in from time to time, click on the Following Two Gents in Italy button, and you’ll get an email notification whenever we put up a new post.

Well, enough of the introductory guff, let’s get on with some real posts!

Stunning view of the Grand Canal in Venice from the roof of the Fondaco Dei Tedeschi – of which more later!!

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